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Magnetic eyelashes is a magnet adhesived false eyelash,which is made based on the principle of magnet s Opposites attract,no need any glue,only need a method like "Sandwich" to adhesive eyelash,then it's ok. It's no need to worry the messy makeup ,glue allergy problems.

The magnetic eyelashes sandwiches your natural lashes between two lightweight double layers 3d strips,that creat a bold,dramatic lash line once,give full,thick,long and natural looking.


Magnetic eyelashes are  no need to use glue but can apply on the lashes easily and no allergic and light weight,and reusable.For the magnetic eyelashes,we have two kinds,one is with single magnet-half lash,and the other is double magnets-full lash,for more choices.The invisible bands give ultra-lightweight.

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